COVID-19 Related Mental Health Problems

The COVID-19 outbreak and all its far reaching consequences is taking a heavy toll on the mental health of even the previously most robust of us. With a growing list of mental challenges and uncertainty affecting more of us than ever - don't be afraid to reach out for professional help.


How many of the below have you struggled with? 

OVERWHELM - worry, fear, phobias (past and new), anxiety, feeling out of control 
FATIGUE - insomnia, brain fog, lack of energy, depression, increased responsibility (becoming teacher/carer/mental support to others)
CHANGE - loss of friends/family, loss or uncertainty with work/studies, more/fewer people at home more/less of the time, inability to see your support group (friends/hobbies etc.), cancelled/delayed life plans (moving, studies, divorce, marriage), feeling lost
LONELINESS - self isolation, or feeling isolated even if others are around you 
LIFE REVIEW - feeling out of your depth knowing you need to make changes to life for the future e.g. lose weight, get fitter, stop smoking, work fewer hours, reduce time with negative people etc.


You can learn to cope well, adapt, blossom, be resilient, robust, thrive, take advantage of opportunities, evolve, or just feel better, happy and relaxed again (or for the first time!).

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