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Insomnia & Pain Management

Comfort and sweet dreams


Learn how to quieten your mind at bedtime, reduce anxiety to help you sleep deeper for longer and keep the benefit of regular quality sleep on every level in your life.

Insomnia and poor sleep as a part of other problems calls for first aid at bed time. A mix of mind management and re-learning the relaxation response that is essential for you to go to and stay asleep. Guided hypnotherapy will be used to help you retrain your brain to let you drift off at bed time.

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Pain Management

No matter whether you suffer chronic or acute pain, you can learn the tired and tested techniques of pain management. Be able to 'turn the dial down' so you can carry on with your life in relative comfort 24/7. 

Mind coaching, hypnotherapy and CBT will help you manage discomfort and become a good sleeper.

"I’ve been listening to your audios in hospital and since I’ve been home and they’ve helped me so much especially when I can’t sleep so thank you!"

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"After my first treatment session I had an immediate improvement in my sleeping. The anxiety of whether I would be able to sleep was gone. Instead I drifted effortlessly into sleep - not really knowing how I was doing it - but sure/secure that this was the result of the treatment with Alice. This has continued since the session - now almost three weeks ago. I experience the same relaxation if I wake in the night, for I find I can return to sleep easily. The long disturbed nights have gone - No more walking the house with cups of tea - listening to relaxing music - feeling everyone everywhere is sound asleep and I am not, Thank you Alice - your treatment is wonderful."

Judith, Sawston Insomnia and general anxiety

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All sessions are available from our private practice in Colchester Essex​, or UK and Worldwide online with Essex based therapist Alice Pinion. Arrange your free initial consult.

Sleeping with Eye Mask
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