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CBT for Better Menopause & Perimenopause Symptom Management

Stay calmer, feel happier, sleep better, be more in control of your emotions and physical self and simply enjoy being you.

Whether you're taking Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) or not, in early menopause, perimenopausal, or post-menopause, learn how to manage your symptoms with CBT, mind management, and specialist hypnotherapy techniques. These life tools help you cope with the myriad psychological, emotional, mental and physical challenges the peri/menopause transition can trigger so you can grasp this stage of life and thrive.

Alice has completed the Menopause 2.0 Next Level Training for Optimal Performance with Dr Stacy Sims

Wherever you're at in the Menopause transition and whether you're taking HRT, or not there can be many changes to mind, body and mood with including 

Mind coaching, hypnotherapy and CBT will help you better manage the Peri/menopausal so you can be the best you yet.

"Put simply, Alice changes lives. Her patient, attentive, relaxed, compassionate and empathic approach, together with her willingness to find (appropriate) humour in certain situations which could otherwise leave one despairing, make her bespoke programme easy to engage with. I have been resistant to talking therapies for years - Alice identified the reasons why and helped me through them so that I could benefit fully from her help in other problem areas. She's on speed dial for the future." Online Therapy

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All sessions are available from our private practice in Colchester Essex​, or online for those further afield. Arrange your free initial consult.

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