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Head First Sports Performance Mind Coach

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Head first sports performance mind coaching


Fit? Practised? Eating well? Got all the gear and read all the books but feel you have more potential and are somehow holding yourself back?


If you suspect your peak performance problems are stemming from your head then Head First Sports Performance Mind Coaching can help you to learn to sort them for good.

Developing a sporting mind:


If you're struggling to believe in your potential, get over a bad result, your nerves ruin your performance, or you just don't know why you can't perform to your best on event day be rest assured you can learn how to unlearn these unhelpful behaviours. You can be shown how to focus and strengthen your mental and emotional resources. 


Head First has come about from the work that Alice has done for years as pragmatic no messing therapist and her personal and professional interest in the mental challenges of seemingly purely physical pursuits. As a qualified Sports Performance Mind Coach and experienced Sports psychology hypnotherapist Alice can also help in rapid results focused mind training.


Feeding from her broad experience in positive psychology, hypnosis and optimal performance visualisation, sports performance mind coaching can help you to maximise your performance potential in both training and on race or match day.


Sessions are tailored to the individual and for outcomes your sport demands. Head First mind coaching works for all sporting backgrounds, from shooting, motor sports, track athletics, to endurance athletes, darts, golf, equine pursuits, martial arts, boxing, racquet sports etc.


Get out of your own way:


  • Get over event day nerves ruining your enjoyment,

      performance or stopping you taking part at all

  • Develop self belief and confidence in your potential


  • Quit talking yourself out of training, trying something

      new, or going to the next level


  • Learn how to maximise injury recovery and fatigue

      management after hard bouts of training


  • Resolve bad match 'hangovers' that stop you

      performing at your best now


  • Reach your racing, or fighting weight easier


  • Learn how to goal set and motivate yourself

      long term using positive processing


  • Learn how to get into the zone, manage hard effort discomfort and use proven positive performance enhancing techniques such as visualisation and rehearsal effectively


Areas commonly worked on:


  • Concentration and focus

  • Commitment and motivation

  • Confidence and self belief development

  • Control enhancement

  • Will and visualisation training

  • Self sabotage cycle breaking

  • Mind over body training

  • Discomfort management

  • Goal setting and positive achievement processing

  • Fear and nerve management

  • Peak state training - getting into the zone

  • Bad match processing

  • Injury, Recovery and fatigue improvers

  • Weight management

  • One point at a time focus

  • Active relaxation


One controlling thing in common


We all have one controlling aspect in common - the mind. We never get taught how to manage our thinking and although we put lots of effort into doing things to our level best in life we neglect to maintain, tidy, or upgrade our thinking systems. Training your body is simple - but getting your mind to tally with your desired outcomes takes a little more finesse as there are many potential potholes on your road to achievment.


Train your mindset to work FOR you, not against you. Sports psychology works on event day and training issues but also deals with peripheral life issues that may get in the way of peak performance.


We all possess the ability to change they way we think. You just (probably) don’t know how to do it...yet!


About Alice

Alice Pinion is an experienced full time professional mind coach, therapist and open water


Feeding from a plethora of Psychological disciplines Alice tailors mind coaching to the individual. An initial free consultation is offered to discuss issues and formulate an action plan. All sessions are held online via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or phone, or face to face from our Colchester private practice

Alice works with all ages and levels of sports people from all disciplines for youth to veterans,

weekend warriors to Olympiads and professional sports people.

Alice is the author of The Essential Sporting Mind Toolkit: Sports Mind Coaching Basics

Buy yours from Amazon as a paperback, or Kindle version.

The Essential Sporting Mind Toolkit paperback book by Alice Pinion of Head First Sports Peformance
Head First Facebook Medalion .jpg
5star Amazon reveiws for The Essential Sporting Mind Toolkit Book by Alice Pinion of Head First Sports Performance
The Essential Sporting Mind Tookit Paperback Book by Alice Pinion of Head First Sports Performance
The Essential Sporting Mind Toolkit paperback book by Alice Pinion of Head First Sports Performance
Amazon 5star reviews for The Essential Sporting Mind Toolkit by Alice Pinion of Head First Sports Performance
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