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Hypnosis at home audios

These hypnotherapy at home audios do exactly what they say on the tin.


Jam packed full of suggestions to boost your confidence and positivity, deeply relax you and more. These are life enhancing 'must haves'. Build your collection of hypnosis at home MP3 audios to help you be your better self from the comfort of your own home.

Suggested initial use is daily for 2 weeks, then use as and when you need a pick me up.


Make these your firm favourites on your playlist for life!

Choose a time and place that is safe and appropriate to kick your feet up and relax (so not when driving or operating machinary!).

If you need more personalised help contact Alice to arrange a free initial consult where you can discuss your problem and learn about tailored solution focused therapy.

All sessions are available from our private practice in Colchester Essex​​​, or UK and Worldwide online with Essex based therapist Alice Pinion. Arrange your free initial consult.

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