Stop Smoking

Question... Do you want to stop smoking easily and for good in just 1 hour?


Your Answer..."Yes!"

The Solution...

It's as easy as 123...and it sounds like you've already done No.1!

  1. Make the decision you really want to quit

  2. Set aside just 1 1/2 hours for your unique hypnotherapy stop smoking session

  3. Call Alice anytime to make your appointment on 07906 059022

The Evidence for the most successful method of smoking cessation

In the biggest study (New Scientist 1992, 72,000 people) so far, of all the various methods for giving up smoking, Hypnosis came out top over all others.


So even if you've tried and failed with cold turkey, patches, gums and the all the rest including (and incidentally this was bottom of the effective list!) your Doctors advice - and you REALLY want to stop smoking then this unique hypnotherapy method will empower you to thoroughly break that habit once and for all.

Even if you've tried other types of methods to quit smoking but only lasted a few weeks or months before falling off the wagon then still be rest assured this session will be VERY different and the 95% success rate is proof of just how very different.

OK, it's called "easy smoking cessation" but you do have to make an effort beyond just turning up at the right time! This packed session is a unique combination of psychology, suggestion and the awesome power of hypnosis and will empower and motivate you to stop smoking for good. However, the session alone won't magically just "do it for you". You WILL need to be alert, honest and take an active part in your session. In this way we'll work supremely well together, with both of us putting in all the effort necessary for you to become a non smoker.

You will also receive your own digital/CD relaxation audio for home use post session.

A Special Fee:

Psychologically there is little trade off when paying by credit card or online. For this reason your stop smoking session is the only session that is cash payment only handed over in exchange for your old smoking habit during the session.

The fee for this session is carefully chosen and equates to approximately one month's 20 a day habit of popular brand cigarettes £330.

A bargain trade for your better health.

"It's 22 days since our session and I now genuinely believe I am a non-smoker! I must admit that I have, on occasion, thought wistfully about cigarettes. But I haven't been seriously tempted to smoke - despite some seriously stressful stuff going on in my life over the past three weeks. I now feel able to move on with my life without being weighed down by the burden I have carried around for 20 years. As a deeply analytical patient, I'm still struggling to come to terms with the science behind the hypnotherapy process. Our session was one of the most bizarre experiences of my life and one I've tried to analyse without success. Being tuned in to your voice, being aware only of your voice, being more relaxed than ever before, was an acutely intense experience. Really strange. Nice, but really strange! Anyway, thank you so much for your help. I can't tell you how fantastic it feels to be able to see myself as a non-smoker. I've got to tell you I am the most cynical person in the world, yet you changed me! People who know me think that's incredible."

Ed, Stowmarket, Suffolk Stop Smoking

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