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I'm a Phobic Celebrity/Non-celeb - Get Me Out of Here!

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

OK, so you don't have to be a celebrity to be frightened of bugs, heights, flying, or squeamish with guts and gory stuff!

Not so long ago I helped one of the celebrities who was due to go onto this long standing staple of pre-Christmas telly to get over his phobia of spiders, creepy crawlies, heights and flying. This talented and well known gentleman (who has to remain anonymous for professional reasons!) was needing to get on the show and had signed all the contracts with only a few days to go before travelling to Australia. However, there was one BIG problem he just couldn't overcome and was threatening to prevent him even driving to the airport to catch that flight. He had a hugely powerful list of show related phobias.

I took a call from his agent who was desperately trying to do all she could to help, as this was a genuine career crisis for her client. Fortunately we could accommodate their pressing schedule and more importantly had just the solution he needed - the Fast Phobia Cure or Rewind Technique.

This is a powerful hypnotherapy based session that essentially separates the panic and overwhelm fear reaction from the subject of the phobia. In this case we had a mixed bag of spiders, insects, heights and flying to work on. Considering we know that all celebrities have to sky dive, clamber about in tree canopies and do all sorts of gruesome critter related challenges, let alone live in a jungle for weeks, we took our time and covered all of the above in a double length session.

My client came into my clinic with his next career move precariously teetering on the edge and left bouncing around, delighted and raring to go face all the 'horrors' of the show! Needless to say he did make it to Australia and so far as I know dealt supremely well with all of his previous phobia triggers.

Obviously you do NOT have to be a celebrity to benefit from the wonders of the Fast Phobia Cure - but you might just feel a bit like celebrating when you feel the euphoria and relief of getting over those fears that had been with you for so long! This technique is not for everyone in every phobia situation but it is good to know there are a choice of 'mind rewiring' tools available for all sorts of anxiety challenge.

As a result of this one client, things have changed in our household. We now just have to watch the show each night and 'urgh!' and giggle along with the best of them. I wonder who will win this year?!

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